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Letter from Director of Transportation

Dear Parents,
The safety of your children is our number one responsibility.  The Newark Valley bus drivers do an outstanding job of transporting our students throughout our 143-square mile district.  To help us ensure their safety we need your cooperation and assistance.
  • Please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the pick-up time. Sometime towards the end of August, those students riding the bus will receive a postcard in the mail with the bus number and the approximate pickup/drop-off times. Please keep in mind we may need to revise these times after school has started.
  • All students will be routed to the same AM/PM schedule they followed as of the last day of school for 2022/2023.  
  • There will be no bus passes permitted (please see the attached for further information).
  • If, for whatever reason, your student will not be riding the bus on a certain day, please give us a call.  
  • It is important that students understand and obey all of the bus rules.  The rules are posted on each bus and the bus drivers will review these rules throughout the school year.
If you have any questions at any time during the school year, please call us at 607-642-8560. 

Randy Zukowski
Director of Transportation


  • If you have moved: please contact the school your child attends to submit your change of address; they will notify the bus garage. The transportation department will then provide a new bus # and pickup and drop-off time for your student.
    • High School – (607) 642-8665
    • Middle School – (607) 642-5524
    • NTH (Elementary) – (607) 642-3340
  • Riding home with friends: We do not allow students to ride home with friends on different buses. You can imagine the chaos this creates for both the school and the drivers to keep track of where your child is.
  • Daily bus changes: Currently, we do not permit daily bus changes. Each student should always ride their regular bus to/from school. Our bus drivers do not accept notes from students/parents.
  • Alternate Sites: Alternate sites are permitted for childcare situations only (daycare, grandparents, other locations, etc.). Each student is permitted a different pickup and drop-off location IF it is a consistent schedule each week (NOT an inconsistent change from day to day or calling to make changes last minute, or only for that day - these will not be permitted).
  • Emergencies: If you have an emergency that requires a bus change, please contact your child’s school or the transportation department at 607-642-8560.

Director of Transportation

Randy Zukowski