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NV Students to Help with Tioga County Dairy Drive Thru
The NV FFA assisted in giving away 200 gallons of milk at the NV fire hall that was donated by the DFA milk Co-op.  This donation was secured by Debbie Lawton from Lawton Dairy Farm. Debbie is the mother of our FFA President Chelsie Fuller. We will be participating in an even larger dairy product give away next Tuesday, May 5 at the Tioga County Fairgrounds.  The students will be helping distribute 4,000 gallons of milk, along with yogurt and sour cream.  
Tioga County Free Dairy Drive Thru
Tioga County Fair Grounds—Elm Street Entrance Tuesday—May 5, 2020— 11:30 a.m.—Gone  (No early birds!)
2 gallons of milk per vehicle max
One bag of assorted dairy products per vehicle max
Follow signs when entering the fairgrounds, please roll down your window or pop your trunk and we’ll place products in your vehicle
Donations are welcome at the event and will be used to purchase products for further efforts
Attachments Available To Download:
Tioga County Drive Thru Flier
Tioga County Drive Thru Flier (RTF)