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Senior Announcements

Members of the Class of 2015 and Parents:

Welcome to your senior year! This is a very exciting and challenging year for you! It is also an expensive year. The following information should help you be successful in your senior year.

Direct quote from a recent graduating senior: “I wish that I had really paid attention to what you (Mrs. Ward) said last fall about selling magazines. In the fall I thought I would have plenty of money to pay my required expenses, but now that they are due, I wish I had sold more magazines to earn more credit. Make sure next year’s class knows how important those magazine sales are!!!!”

September 9th the annual magazine sales by Seniors will begin. The sale lasts until  October 1st. This is the major fund-raising activity for the Senior class. The success of this campaign will determine what class expenses will be covered and what kind of class activities will be available. In order to plan these activities there must be a certain amount of money in the class fund. It is important for each student to participate in the sales campaign--in the past, some students have chosen not to sell (I’ll just pay for whatever I need...). You should be aware that this hurts your chances of having a class trip/other activities as there needs to be a certain amount of money in the class fund to even begin planning for a trip. Remember--this is a big money-maker if you work hard!! Classes in the past have been able to earn big bucks with this sale when they worked at it. There may be the possibility of another, smaller sale if a large percentage of the class works hard at this sale. So get out there and sell!!!

Each senior receives credit for what he/she sells. The sales company takes a cut of 60% of the total amount we sell. Each Senior receives approximately 30% credit toward his/her account. Approximately 10% is reserved for the class fund. Credit accumulates in both Junior and Senior sales campaigns and may be applied toward your Senior expenses. Credit is non-transferable and non-refundable. Any extra credit beyond your expenses will remain in the class fund for class expenses (miscellaneous expenses and class trip are examples).


The following are required expenses of all students who plan to graduate in 2015:
  1. Cap and gown
  2. Class gift
  3. Yearbook (includes the cost of the senior color section)
  4. Miscellaneous expenses (covers things like graduation flowers and refreshments, chaperone costs, some exchange student expenses, etc...)
Optional expenses may include the class trip and tickets to the prom. A one-day trip to an amusement park may cost from $60 to $100 per student.

Any other Senior expenses, such as graduation announcements, are the responsibility of the individual student and his/her family. A representative from Jostens will take orders for both graduation announcements and
Caps/Gowns one day in the fall during lunch periods. This date will be announced in advance and materials will be sent home.


*****A yearbook will be ordered for each senior. If you DO NOT want a yearbook ordered for you, you must put your request in writing to Mrs. Ward by September 30.

Reminder: During the summer Lifetouch photographers took Senior portraits here at the high school. See the yearbook advisor if you were not at NV when they were taken (or for any other reason did not have them done). Your picture will not be in the yearbook if you have not completed the process appropriately. See the yearbook advisor if you have any questions.


Jr./Sr. Status--- If a student is in a Junior homeroom, he/she is considered a Junior and may not participate in Senior activities--EXCEPT he/she may participate in fund-raising since at 30 weeks the student will be reevaluated by the guidance office and may be considered a Senior for the remaining10 weeks.

** A student must have successfully completed all course work and examination requirements in order to participate in the June graduation ceremony.**

Senior activities ahead--sales campaign, Homecoming float, Homecoming candidates, choosing of graduation announcements, ordering of caps and gowns, Prom, Graduation....


The Jostens representative will be at the school one day this fall to take orders for caps and gowns. At this time, no money will be paid to the company for caps/gowns as this is an expense that may be covered by credit under senior expenses. As noted on the front, graduation announcement may also be ordered at this time. The cost of announcements is not included in senior expenses, and must be paid by the senior directly to the company. At the time of placing the order, a deposit will be required. You will be notified of this information closer to the date. Graduation announcements will be delivered later in the year. Caps and gowns will be handed out at graduation rehearsal.

Please share this information with your parents. Let’s make this a Senior year to remember!


Sept. 8 - 24 - Gance's Ticket Sales

Sept. 9 - October 1 - Magazine Sales

Sept. 26 -  Due Date for Student/Parent Signature to Mrs. Ward
Sept. 26  - Homecoming Pep Rally - last hour of the school day
Sept.. 27 - Homecoming Parade - 10 a.m.   
                 Gance's Fundraiser 12 - 5
                 Homecoming Dance 8 - 11
Sept. 30 - Written notification if Senior does not want a yearbook
Oct. 1 - Magazine orders due
Oct. 3 - Blood Drive
Oct. 8 - Senior Picture Make-up Day
Nov. 12 - (During Lunch) Cap and Gown Announcements ordering day
Dec. 11 - Blood Drive
February 9 - 27 Spring Fundaiser
April 14 - Blood Drive
May 29 - Prom at Celebrations 7 -12 a.m.

June 26 — Graduation in Auditorium 7 pm
***Class trip TBD
District Office
79 Whig Street
Newark Valley, NY 13811
Phone: 607-642-3221